Efficcess – Software Review

Efficcess : New Software for New Year


I’m writing this review because I wanted a FREE license.


I wanted the license because I LOVED the app. Now let’s go to the review.

Note: I’m reviewing version 5.22 (build 526) You can download it here:


Starting 2017, I want to start writing my digital diary.

I own a personal PIM software, which I have a lifetime license to. I bought it in 2009. I liked it so much, it was in 2011 that I upgraded to lifetime license. Can be run from a thumb drive or a folder on my desktop (no installation required) is one of the requirement.

But it doesn’t have diary functionality.


This lead of some searching and I found Efficient Diary Pro. Downloaded and tested it, now this is cool. But I also found out that there are many other software family in the Efficient series, including Efficcess, which include the diary functionality and also PIM functionality.

So I downloaded and tested it. And try using each and every capabilities. Granted, different software required different workflow. For example, notes have ‘group’. In my old PIM, I just create a main notes, and then sub-notes, which can have its own sub-notes. Just like tasks in Efficcess. I’m fine with that. As long as I can have groups and sub-groups to manage my notes. Although it still nice if a notes can have a sub-notes and so on.

I love the theme. My old PIM has no theme, and I don’t think its crucial. But having theme option and selecting the one most pleasing to the eyes, I found out that using the software is more enjoyable.

I don’t know why Saturday/Sunday are compressed together. For some people, 9-5 on weekday are just the usual stuff, and their weekends are more interesting. Is there an option I missed somewhere?

When creating occurring task, I noticed that date will be darker. I wonder if there is an option to allow an occurring task to not dark the calendar? It could be for something that is VERY NOT important, which I need a reminder daily (because it really not important, it tended to be at the very end of my mind). But watching a date went dark/bold, I was wondering, is there something important that day? So, such option would be great.

The task section can be improved, I think. Specially when copying child task into another task.

On the notes section, since I’m using the software on a wide screen, reading the notes can be like watching a tennis match. Too much eye movement from left to right. There is too much screen space on the next to notes name if you didn’t show too much option. I am hoping there is an option to change the view to side by side (Notes name and content). This way not much space are wasted and reading is easier on the eyes.

I will update this review as I explore more.

-Fable Fox

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